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Event Rules

1. Always ask for their PERMISSION before taking photos with Cosplayers and Guests, and be respectful of their personal space.

2. HARASSMENT, including verbal, physical, or sexual harassment, is unacceptable. Treat fellow attendees with kindness and respect.

3. Be mindful of PERSONAL SPACE and BOUNDARIES. Not everyone is comfortable with physical contact or invasion of personal space.

4. Respect event SCHEDULES and arrive on time for panels and other activities to avoid disruptions.

5. Be mindful of spoilers for anime series or movies that others may not have seen yet. Keep discussions SPOILER-FREE or clearly label them as such.

6. Avoid BLOCKING walkways, hallways, or exits, as this can cause congestion and safety hazards.

7. Use designated TRASH BINS and recycling containers to keep the event area clean.

8. Anime events can be crowded, so be PATIENT while waiting in lines, and respect the event staff’s instructions.

9. Treat the EVENT VENUE and its property with care and respect. Vandalism and theft are unacceptable.

10. NO SMOKING, VAPING or SPITTING. If you need to smoke or vape, use designated outdoor areas.

11. Show APPRECIATION for the hard work of event staff and volunteers by being cooperative and respectful.

12. Above all, have FUN and ENJOY the event! Share your love of ANIME and make new friends while being considerate of others.

Violation of any rule will lead to a ban from the event

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